Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Club
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The new CVA/Sugarloaf Ski Club Competition Center will be built and completed
in time for the 2016-17 season. To find out more
about how you can be involved in this exciting project, click on this image:

- 1971 Alpine World Cup at Sugarloaf -
- more info here -

Our Generations Project...
Is your family page here?

If you have 3 of more generations of Sugarloafers in your family, send us your photos. We'll design your family's page so that you can join our album.

 Winter's Way, Circa 1950

Click here for more photos!

Ski Season Office Hours:
11am - 1pm
Weekends during the ski season

We're located upstairs in the Competition Center next to the Base Lodge.

The Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Club has been an integral part of Sugarloaf Mountain since cutting the first trail on the mountain back in 1950.  After more than 60 years, the club is a vibrant and active member of the Sugarloaf community. 

Our Mission is to preserve the history and heritage of the mountain and the club, to service the Sugarloaf and Carrabassett communities, with an emphasis on the local youth, organize social events for club members, and continue to support competitive events of all levels, from Junior to International, that are staged on the mountain.

We love to have a great time both on the mountain and off. So if you're not a member yet, click here to join!
* Sugarloaf Ski Club  *  Village West #13  *  Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947 *

*  (207) 237-6955  during the ski season  *  year round  *