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What is the Sugarloaf Ski Club?

The Sugarloaf Ski Club has been an integral part of Sugarloaf Mountain since cutting the first trail on the mountain back in 1950.  After more than 70+ years, the club is still a vibrant and active member of the Sugarloaf community.  
The mission of the Sugarloaf Ski Club is to provide the opportunity for all youth to participate and excel in skiing and snowboarding, promote community building events, support competition, and preserve the history and heritage of the mountain.


  • All children should be given the opportunity to ski or snowboard

  • Enhance personal growth through competitive challenges and personal achievment.

  • Foster a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoor environment

  • Support the community and its historical heritage.

We love to have a great time both on the mountain and off. So if you're not a member yet, click here to join!

What are People Saying About Our Club?

     Mark grew up coming to Sugarloaf as a young boy. His parents had a camp on Eustis Ridge and since then he knew he wanted to raise our family in the Valley to expose them of the beauty Sugarloaf offers.  We’ve never looked back!

     To our family and many others, The Sugarloaf Ski club has provided both opportunity and fun! Opportunity as they’ve assisted many local athletes with scholarship funds that help defray costs of travel, lodging at competitions and race fees. They also help local schools by providing funds and volunteers for their Ski and skate programs. Many of our volunteers spend countless hours on the hill during local competitions whether it be timing, starting, or standing behind a grill to feed the racers. There’s nothing better than seeing the smiles on our young athletes as they come off the hill.

     The Ski club and its members are committed to this community and it shows!  They provide many enjoyable and social opportunities.  Some of the most memorable are, The Beer tasting, Locals races, Octoberfest, and The Annual Snowball.  We have connected with other families during these events and made lifelong friendships.   ~ Venise and Mark Fournier  

I am real happy that a prime function of the club is to get local kids skiing and riding that might otherwise never do it. ~ Rick Ray

"We often hear 'it takes a village'.  The Ski Club is that village, providing opportunities at many levels for kids to get on skiis and enjoy the outdoors.   Three generations of our family have grown up at Sugarloaf with the Ski Club always there, providing racing venues, as well as camaraderie and great fun!"     ~ Donn and Linda Gifford

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