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Sugarloaf Families

“Multi-generation Sugarloafers” 

….    Add your family to our album!


To help celebrate Sugarloaf’s 60th Anniversary in 2011, the Ski Club initiated a project to gather photographs of families who claim three or four generations of Sugarloaf skiers.   In just a short time we gathered pictures for nearly 40 families, several with four generations of faithful skiers!

Part of what makes Sugarloaf such a special place is the abundance of families who have passed from generation to generation their love of this mountain.


Now, in 2017, we have over 30 families with 3 generations of Sugarloafers, over 20 4-gen families, and we are documenting the first FIVE generation family that we know of.


This ongoing project, with digital albums and printed photo albums, documents the loyalty of “Sugarloaf’s Skiing Families”. Each multi-generation family will have a page in the album, with one or more photos - on-snow or not, past or present, small groups or large, complete families or not, living or passed on - and text such as photo captions, the names of each generation’s Sugarloafers, and dates.  Dig through your photos, and add your family to our albums.


Send your photos and family information to the Ski Club – by email to or deliver them to the Ski Club office. For more information about the project, and for guidelines on the content of you family page, contact Cindy Foster at the ski club or at 207-237-3711 during the ski season.


We hope to hear from you!

ps - if it's time to update your family page, give Cindy a call!

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