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Locals Racing started in the early 70’s as a way for the local employees (ski bums) to be able to get out and run some gates with their friends and fellow locals. The series is run by the Sugarloaf Competition Department. The names of the legendary teams such as “Cross Roads” and “Another Roadside Attraction”, although gone now, have a fond place in the memories of some of the older locals who are still competing.


Over the years, the format has been consistent, with a draft night in December and a number of races held throughout the season. The racing part is accompanied with an awards/social hour at a local bar, held at 4:30 on race days.  This gathering is always fun as there is an element of friendly rivalry that rises to the surface when the day’s scores and team standings are announced.


The day for racing has traditionally been on Wednesday. The course is open from 10:30 am to 1:45 pm so the racer can come make his or her run when they can squeeze it into their work day.  Because we know that not everyone can be around all the time, racers are allowed to miss two races without hurting their team score.


The racer categories are Tele, Snowboard and Alpine, with a men’s and women’s class in each category. Since Locals is a team event, it is important to show up and everyone gets a point just for starting. New this year, we have instituted a social pass for locals events so that spouses or friends who want to attend the results parties can enjoy the event as well.



 If you would like more information about Locals racing, contact Laurel Lashar at or 207-237-6896.

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