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The Building

     The key building design tenets are

functionality, durability, beauty and

financial prudence. The new structure

features contemporary lines enhanced

with traditional Maine materials, such

that it has the look of a fine timber lodge

and matches Sugarloaf’s other recent


     The building honors and draws upon Sugarloaf's rich heritage, including intentional visibility of the strong structural elements of the original gondola station, including an actual gondola that serves as the centerpiece of the great room. This design allows for a celebration of Sugarloaf's history with a look to its bright future.

     Key features in the building include:

  • Great Room with a warming kitchen and "heritage" conference room

  • Offices for Sugarloaf and CVA Competition Staff

  • Office for the Sugarloaf Ski Club

  • Two dedicated team rooms

  • Tuning/waxing room

  • Athletic trainers' room

  • Workshop (for equipment repair)

     Throughout the project local construction vendors and partners were utilized.

     A key facet of the Competition Center is the inclusion of 60 lockers on the top floor for use by Sugarloaf competition department staff, CVA and weekend program coaches, as well as other ski team coaches. The main floor includes 100 rental lockers, reserved only for Ski Club members.

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